While isolating with her daughter here in Canada, Shikha took on a journey to create portraits of her family members, as a way to connect, heal and work through her inner longing and sorrow. Each portrait has tokens and objects from the individual's life that defines them within the family, and brings with it a collective memory.

Neil - Son playing chess Oil, 2021

Twinkle - Quarantining with Daughter Oil, 2021

Mother, the last I saw her.

My mother hasn’t been doing well lately. The last time I saw her she had this beautiful glow, and there was this Aparajita tree whose flowers she protected all day from being stolen. She has been on our mind most days and although painting this portrait has been incredibly difficult, it has meant a lot to me.

Rana - My brother in law with his dog, Tukun. Tukun was adopted from the streets when he was little, now he has turned into a dog human who hides as soon as the word medicine is spoken out loud.

Shisir - Painted my father who would be away from home working in the remote areas of India as an engineer, and always had interesting stories to tell us when he got home. I imagined one such incident, where monkeys hanging around him got eager to try his instruments.

Jeet - Nephew when he was little, dressed as a girl. Oil, 2021