Shikha Patranabish is a multidisciplinary artist who works primarily in oil. Originally from Kolkata, she navigated her life as a witness to a newly independent India going through transition post-Partition. This had a huge influence on her during her formative years. Shikha's work explores European realism as she uses inspiration from her memories of a colonial India, backed by research in historical meeting points between the East and the West.

Featured artist for In Common Series, Esker Foundation, Calgary, Canada, 2021

CARFAC Alberta, Hats Off Group Exhibition Calgary, Canada, 2021

In Common feature at Esker Foundation, Calgary, Canada, 2021

Portraits of resilience - Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada, 2021

6X6 Art Exhibit - Rochester Contemporary Art Centre, NY, USA, 2021

W's for Women - Jaipur Contemporary Gallery, NY, USA, 2020

Solo Exhibit - Amsterdam Arts Board, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2020